Distance Between United States Cities

To calculate the distance between cities in the United States, click on a city from the list below. The United States (US) is located in the continent of North America and shares borders with Canada, Cuba and Mexico. For distance calculations to cities in these countries, see cities near the United States.

Cities in the United States

Note: that the cities listed below are deemed major based on population. Due to there being many major cities in the United States, we have grouped the list by state and sorted by most populated.

Cities Near the United States

The list below shows the distance between the above cities in the United States and populated cities outside of the United States which are closest.

  • Mi = Miles
  • Km = Kilometers
  • = Flight distance
  • = Driving distance
  United States to Canada  
Detroit to Windsor1.2 Mi (1.9 Km) 1.8 Mi (2.9 Km)
Detroit to Amherstburg16.2 Mi (26.1 Km) 19.5 Mi (31.3 Km)
  United States to Cuba  
Key West to Varadero102.1 Mi (164.3 Km)
Jacksonville to Varadero495.2 Mi (796.9 Km)
Jacksonville to Havana497.2 Mi (800.2 Km)
  United States to Mexico  
Imperial Beach to Tijuana6.5 Mi (10.5 Km) 9.3 Mi (15 Km)
Los Angeles to Tijuana127 Mi (204.4 Km) 137.6 Mi (221.4 Km)
Distance Between the United States and Neighboring Countries

The distance between cities in the United States and cities in neighboring countries; Canada cities are nearest due to being 1.2 miles away.

To Country Distance From the United States
Canada 1.2 Mi (1.9 Km)
Mexico 6.5 Mi (10.5 Km)
Cuba 102.1 Mi (164.3 Km)