Distance Between Alaska Cities

To calculate the distance between Alaska state (AK) cities, choose a city from the list below. There are a total of 24 cities to choose from. The top 5 cities are Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, Eagle River and Badger St. While Alaska doesn't border with any US state, it is closest to Washington, Oregon and Idaho. For distance calculations to cities in these states, see cities near Alaska.

Cities Near Alaska

The list below shows the distance between Anchorage, Alaska and populated cities in Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

  • Mi = Miles
  • Km = Kilometers
  • = Flight distance
  • = Driving distance
  Alaska Cities to Washington Cities  
Anchorage to Seattle1435 Mi (2309.4 Km) 2266 Mi (3646.8 Km)
Anchorage to Bellevue1438.6 Mi (2315.2 Km) 2266.2 Mi (3647.2 Km)
Anchorage to Tacoma1450.8 Mi (2334.8 Km) 2299.2 Mi (3700.2 Km)
Anchorage to Vancouver1533.7 Mi (2468.2 Km) 2430.5 Mi (3911.6 Km)
Anchorage to Spokane1580.3 Mi (2543.2 Km) 2386 Mi (3839.9 Km)
  Alaska Cities to Oregon Cities  
Anchorage to Hillsboro1531 Mi (2463.9 Km) 2458.8 Mi (3957.1 Km)
Anchorage to Portland1539.8 Mi (2478.1 Km) 2439.4 Mi (3925.9 Km)
Anchorage to Gresham1548 Mi (2491.3 Km) 2447.1 Mi (3938.3 Km)
Anchorage to Salem1562.6 Mi (2514.8 Km) 2484.7 Mi (3998.8 Km)
Anchorage to Eugene1612.3 Mi (2594.7 Km) 2548.5 Mi (4101.5 Km)
  Alaska Cities to Idaho Cities  
Anchorage to Nampa1827.8 Mi (2941.6 Km) 2710.9 Mi (4362.8 Km)
Anchorage to Meridian1828.9 Mi (2943.3 Km) 2716.7 Mi (4372 Km)
Anchorage to Boise1833.9 Mi (2951.4 Km) 2724.8 Mi (4385.2 Km)
Anchorage to Idaho Falls1968.4 Mi (3167.8 Km) 2765.7 Mi (4450.9 Km)
Anchorage to Pocatello1989.5 Mi (3201.8 Km) 2814.7 Mi (4529.8 Km)

Distance Between Alaska and Nearby States

The distance between Anchorage, Alaska and major cities in nearby states; Cities in Washington are nearest due to being 1435 miles away.

To State Distance From Anchorage, Alaska
Washington 1435 Mi (2309.4 Km)
Oregon 1531 Mi (2463.9 Km)
Idaho 1827.8 Mi (2941.6 Km)