Distance Between Michigan Cities

To calculate the distance between Michigan state (MI) cities, choose a city from the list below. There are a total of 25 cities to choose from. The top 5 cities are Detroit, Grand Rapids, Warren, Sterling Heights and Lansing. Additionally, Michigan shares state borders with Ohio, Wisconsin and Indiana. For distance calculations to cities in these states, see cities near Michigan.

Cities Near Michigan

The list below shows the distance between Detroit, Michigan and populated cities in Ohio, Wisconsin and Indiana.

  • Mi = Miles
  • Km = Kilometers
  • = Flight distance
  • = Driving distance
  Michigan Cities to Ohio Cities  
Detroit to Toledo53 Mi (85.3 Km) 59.2 Mi (95.2 Km)
Detroit to Cleveland90.2 Mi (145.2 Km) 169.8 Mi (273.2 Km)
Detroit to Akron116.9 Mi (188.1 Km) 192.7 Mi (310.1 Km)
Detroit to Columbus163.8 Mi (263.6 Km) 202.7 Mi (326.2 Km)
Detroit to Cincinnati236 Mi (379.8 Km) 263.3 Mi (423.7 Km)
  Michigan Cities to Wisconsin Cities  
Detroit to Racine242.8 Mi (390.7 Km) 366.4 Mi (589.7 Km)
Detroit to Kenosha244.1 Mi (392.8 Km) 355.9 Mi (572.7 Km)
Detroit to Milwaukee251.7 Mi (405.1 Km) 381.9 Mi (614.6 Km)
Detroit to Green Bay291.8 Mi (469.6 Km) 500.5 Mi (805.5 Km)
Detroit to Madison326.8 Mi (525.9 Km) 433.7 Mi (698 Km)
  Michigan Cities to Indiana Cities  
Detroit to Fort Wayne138.4 Mi (222.7 Km) 162.5 Mi (261.5 Km)
Detroit to South Bend170.8 Mi (274.9 Km) 220.3 Mi (354.5 Km)
Detroit to Hammond234.7 Mi (377.7 Km) 261.4 Mi (420.7 Km)
Detroit to Indianapolis240.2 Mi (386.6 Km) 287.3 Mi (462.3 Km)
Detroit to Evansville384.5 Mi (618.8 Km) 458.5 Mi (737.9 Km)

Distance Between Michigan and Bordering States

The distance between Detroit, Michigan and major cities in bordering states; Cities in Ohio are nearest due to being 53 miles away.

To State Distance From Detroit, Michigan
Ohio 53 Mi (85.3 Km)
Indiana 138.4 Mi (222.7 Km)
Wisconsin 242.8 Mi (390.7 Km)