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  • Q) How can I get the coordinates of a location?
  • Q) How can I get the latitude and longitude of a place?
  • Q) Is there a way to get the reverse geocoding of a location?
  • Q) I know the latitude and longitude of a location, how can I find the address?

A) The coordinates finder can help you find the latitude and longitude of a country, place or other location.

The coordinates along with the city, state, county, country and other relevant information about the location is returned by the form.

Coordinates are returned in DD (Decimal Degrees), DMS (Degree-Minute-Second) and UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator).

In addition to getting the coordinates by entering in an address, you can also perform reverse geocoding requests.

With reverse geocoding, you can figure out the address, city, country etc., by entering in the latitude and longitude of a location.

Location to Coordinates or Coordinates to Location

Geographic coordinates help you locate any place on earth using numbers. These numbers are the longitude and latitude of the location. Longitude is perpendicular and latitude is parallel to the equator.

So whether you're looking to find a location using coordinates that you already know, or whether you'd like to figure out the coordinates of a location that you know of, the finder can help.

Additionally, if you need to see the place, you may do so on the labeled map.

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