Distance Between Texas Cities

To calculate the distance between Texas state (TX) cities, choose a city from the list below. There are a total of 25 cities to choose from. The top 5 cities are Houston, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth and El Paso. Additionally, Texas shares state borders with Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico and Oklahoma. For distance calculations to cities in these states, see cities near Texas.

Cities Near Texas

The list below shows the distance between Houston, Texas and populated cities in Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico and Oklahoma.

  • Mi = Miles
  • Km = Kilometers
  • = Flight distance
  • = Driving distance
  Texas Cities to Arkansas Cities  
Houston to Little Rock388.7 Mi (625.6 Km) 435 Mi (700.1 Km)
Houston to Fort Smith392.9 Mi (632.3 Km) 515.1 Mi (829 Km)
Houston to Fayetteville441.2 Mi (710 Km) 569.8 Mi (917 Km)
Houston to Springdale449.9 Mi (724 Km) 581.9 Mi (936.5 Km)
Houston to Jonesboro500 Mi (804.7 Km) 562.1 Mi (904.6 Km)
  Texas Cities to Louisiana Cities  
Houston to Lafayette203.1 Mi (326.9 Km) 216.7 Mi (348.7 Km)
Houston to Shreveport213.7 Mi (343.9 Km) 238.8 Mi (384.4 Km)
Houston to Baton Rouge257.4 Mi (414.2 Km) 271.8 Mi (437.5 Km)
Houston to Metairie313 Mi (503.7 Km) 341.8 Mi (550.1 Km)
Houston to New Orleans317.8 Mi (511.4 Km) 347.6 Mi (559.5 Km)
  Texas Cities to New Mexico Cities  
Houston to Las Cruces697.1 Mi (1121.9 Km) 790.2 Mi (1271.8 Km)
Houston to Santa Fe737.7 Mi (1187.2 Km) 874.1 Mi (1406.7 Km)
Houston to Albuquerque751 Mi (1208.6 Km) 880.4 Mi (1416.9 Km)
Houston to Enchanted Hills Boulevard Northeast757.9 Mi (1219.7 Km) 901.3 Mi (1450.5 Km)
  Texas Cities to Oklahoma Cities  
Houston to Lawton378.6 Mi (609.3 Km) 427 Mi (687.2 Km)
Houston to Norman396.3 Mi (637.8 Km) 428.6 Mi (689.7 Km)
Houston to Oklahoma City413.7 Mi (665.8 Km) 445.3 Mi (716.7 Km)
Houston to Broken Arrow436.2 Mi (702 Km) 501.8 Mi (807.6 Km)
Houston to Tulsa443.3 Mi (713.4 Km) 494.5 Mi (795.9 Km)

Distance Between Texas and Bordering States

The distance between Houston, Texas and major cities in bordering states; Cities in Louisiana are nearest due to being 203.1 miles away.

To State Distance From Houston, Texas
Louisiana 203.1 Mi (326.9 Km)
Oklahoma 378.6 Mi (609.3 Km)
Arkansas 388.7 Mi (625.6 Km)
New Mexico 697.1 Mi (1121.9 Km)