MSK Moscow Time Zone

Only standard time is observed by this time zone; MSK Moscow Time is 3 hours ahead of UTC/GMT time. Daylight time is not observed by this time zone.

Moscow Time:
Wednesday May 22nd 10:45am MSK
Status: Time Zone: UTC/GMT Offset:
Being Observed
MSK +03:00

The Moscow Time Zone is observed by most of the european portion of Russia as well as Belarus. Due to this time zone being shared by Belarus, it is often referred to as FET Further-eastern European Time due to the neighboring Eastern European Time Zone which has the same UTC/GMT offset for standard time yet has a +02:00 offset while observing summer time. As with all Russian time zones, summer time is no longer observed.

Russia Time Zones Abbreviation(s) UTC/GMT Offset(s)
Eastern European Time Zone EET/EEST +02:00/+03:00
Irkutsk Time Zone IRKT +08:00
Krasnoyarsk Time Zone KRAT +07:00
Omsk Time Zone OMST +06:00
Srednekolymsk Time Zone SRET +11:00
Vladivostok Time Zone VLAT +10:00
Yakutsk Time Zone YAKT +09:00
Yekaterinburg Time Zone YEKT +05:00
Moscow Time Zone Identifiers:
(RU) Europe/Moscow(RU) Europe/Simferopol
(RU) Europe/Volgograd
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