Europe/Simferopol Time Zone Identifier

Europe/Simferopol is a time zone identifier used in Russia and is 1 of 27 identifiers used in the country. The identifier belongs to the Moscow time zone MSK and has a UTC/GMT offset of +03:00 which is observed year round. Coordinates are 44.95 N and 34.1 E.

Current Time:
Thursday April 18th 4:40pm
UTC/GMT Offset: +03:00
Observing Daylight Saving/Summer Time: Never
Time Zone Abbreviation:MSK
Time Zone Name:Moscow Time
Time Zone:Moscow
Latitude DMS:44°57'0"N
Longitude DMS:34°6'0"E
UTM Easting:586,772.21
UTM Northing:4,977,984.57
UTM Zone:36T

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