SRET Srednekolymsk Time Zone

Only standard time is observed by this time zone; SRET Srednekolymsk Time is 11 hours ahead of UTC/GMT time. Daylight time is not observed by this time zone.

Srednekolymsk Time:
Saturday April 20th 2:25pm SRET
Status: Time Zone: UTC/GMT Offset:
Being Observed
SRET +11:00

Srednekolymsk time is observed in eastern Sakha Republic which is where the city of Srednekolymsk is located. Northern parts of Kuril Islands of Sakhalin Oblast also observe this time zone.

Russia Time Zones Abbreviation(s) UTC/GMT Offset(s)
Eastern European Time Zone EET/EEST +02:00/+03:00
Irkutsk Time Zone IRKT +08:00
Krasnoyarsk Time Zone KRAT +07:00
Omsk Time Zone OMST +06:00
Vladivostok Time Zone VLAT +10:00
Yakutsk Time Zone YAKT +09:00
Yekaterinburg Time Zone YEKT +05:00
Srednekolymsk Time Zone Identifiers:
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