OMST Omsk Time Zone

Only standard time is observed by this time zone; OMST Omsk Time is 6 hours ahead of UTC/GMT time. Daylight time is not observed by this time zone.

Omsk Time:
Wednesday July 24th 9:35pm OMST
Status: Time Zone: UTC/GMT Offset:
Being Observed
OMST +06:00

The Omsk Time Zone is a Russian time zone which is observed by Altai Krai, Altai Republic, Novosibirsk Oblast, Omsk Oblast and Tomsk Oblast.

Russia Time Zones Abbreviation(s) UTC/GMT Offset(s)
Eastern European Time Zone EET/EEST +02:00/+03:00
Irkutsk Time Zone IRKT +08:00
Krasnoyarsk Time Zone KRAT +07:00
Srednekolymsk Time Zone SRET +11:00
Vladivostok Time Zone VLAT +10:00
Yakutsk Time Zone YAKT +09:00
Yekaterinburg Time Zone YEKT +05:00
Omsk Time Zone Identifiers:
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