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Elevation from Okha to Тунгор

Elevation of Okha is 5.03 meters or 16.49 feet and the elevation of Тунгор is 41.76 meters or 137.01 feet, which is a difference of 36.73 meters or 120.51 feet.

Okha, Sakhalin Oblast, Russia, 694496 elevation.

Meters: 5.03
Feet: 16.49

Тунгор, Сахалинская обл., Russia, 694471 elevation.

Meters: 41.76
Feet: 137.01

* Route elevation values are approximate and should be taken as an ESTIMATE, but in many cases the accuracy tends to be high.

Route Elevation Summary

Route elevation has been calculated from Okha to Тунгор.

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