Distance Between Aland Islands Cities

To calculate the distance between cities in The Aland Islands, click on a city from the list below. The Aland Islands (AX) is located in the continent of Europe and doesn't share borders with any country. However, the countries closest to the Aland Islands are Estonia, Latvia and Sweden. For distance calculations to cities in these countries, see cities near the Aland Islands.

Cities in the Aland Islands

Note: that the cities listed below are deemed major based on population. While there may be more major cities, these are the most populated cities in the Aland Islands.

Cities Near the Aland Islands

The list below shows the distance between the above cities in the Aland Islands and populated cities outside of the Aland Islands which are closest.

  • Mi = Miles
  • Km = Kilometers
  • = Flight distance
  • = Driving distance
  Aland Islands to Estonia  
Föglö 22710 to Kärdla173.5 Km (107.8 Mi) 554.6 Km (344.6 Mi)
  Aland Islands to Latvia  
Föglö 22710 to Ventspils299 Km (185.8 Mi) 899.9 Km (559.2 Mi)
Föglö 22710 to Talsi332.3 Km (206.5 Mi) 829.5 Km (515.4 Mi)
  Aland Islands to Sweden  
Eckerö 22270 to Norrtälje70.3 Km (43.7 Mi) 123.8 Km (77 Mi)
Eckerö 22270 to Uppsala114.1 Km (70.9 Mi) 191.8 Km (119.2 Mi)
Distance Between the Aland Islands and Other Countries

The distance between cities in the Aland Islands and cities in other countries; Sweden cities are nearest due to being 70.3 kilometers away.

To Country Distance From the Aland Islands
Sweden 70.3 Km (43.7 Mi)
Estonia 173.5 Km (107.8 Mi)
Latvia 299 Km (185.8 Mi)
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