Distance from Isiro to Nearby Cities

The distance from Isiro to the nearest city wamba is 123.2 kilometers or 76.5 miles away. 5 major cities are near Isiro; Buta being the closest is 453.9 kilometers or 282.1 miles away.

Isiro Summary:
  • Mi = Miles
  • Km = Kilometers
  • = Flight distance
  • = Driving distance
  • Population = Approximate figures
Isiro Distances
Nearby Location(s): 7
Nearest Location: 81.1 Km (50.4 Mi)

Isiro to Nearby Cities

The list below shows the distance between Isiro and nearby cities in Democratic Republic of the Congo.

From Isiro Population Distance
SSE to wamba17,37381.1 Km (50.4 Mi) 123.2 Km (76.5 Mi)
E to Watsa24,516216.5 Km (134.5 Mi) 292.3 Km (181.6 Mi)

Isiro to Major Cities

The list below shows the distance from Isiro to major cities in Orientale.

From Isiro Population Distance
W to Buta50,130317.6 Km (197.3 Mi) 453.9 Km (282.1 Mi)
ESE to Bunia96,764321.4 Km (199.7 Mi) 490.5 Km (304.8 Mi)
SW to Kisangani539,158366.7 Km (227.9 Mi) 780.9 Km (485.2 Mi)
WSW to Yangambi35,531413.3 Km (256.8 Mi)
WSW to Basoko43,709475.8 Km (295.6 Mi) 878.4 Km (545.8 Mi)