Pacific/Easter Time Zone Identifier

Pacific/Easter is a time zone identifier used in Chile and is 1 of 3 identifiers used in the country. Coordinates are -27.15 S and -109.43333 W.

Current Time:
Saturday December 2nd 6:59am
UTC/GMT Offset: -05:00
Observing Daylight Saving/Summer Time: Yes
Time Zone Abbreviation:-05
Latitude DMS:27°9'0"S
Longitude DMS:109°25'59.99"W
Continent Region:South America
UTM Easting:655,242.06
UTM Northing:6,995,982.03
UTM Zone:12J

*Note: map data might not always be 100% accurate as far as boundaries are concerned, but good enough to give you a general idea. Please give the map sufficient time to load, because it often contains a lot of data which needs to be processed.

Below you will find the standard time to daylight saving/summer time transition dates. Note that past dates are shown even if daylight saving/summer time is no longer observed.

Year: EASST Begins: EASST Ends:
2025 Saturday August 9th at 10:00pm Saturday May 10th at 10:00pm
2024 Saturday August 10th at 10:00pm Saturday May 11th at 10:00pm
2023 Saturday August 12th at 10:00pm Saturday May 13th at 10:00pm
2022 Saturday August 13th at 10:00pm Saturday May 14th at 10:00pm
2021 Saturday August 14th at 10:00pm Saturday May 8th at 10:00pm

Cities observing same time as Pacific/Easter:

  • Hanga Roa Chile

*Note that the above list only includes one city and that there may be more. Also note that the time zone identifier displayed may differ if it has the same offset and DST.

Chile Time Zone Identifiers
America/Punta_ArenasAmerica/Santiago (CLST)
Pacific/Easter (EASST/EASST)