HST/HDT Hawaii Time Zone

Standard time and daylight time is observed by this time zone; HST Hawaii Standard Time is 10 hours behind of UTC/GMT time and HDT Hawaii Daylight Time is behind by 9 hours.

Hawaii Daylight Time:
Sunday October 1st 10:18pm HDT
Status: Time Zone: UTC/GMT Offset:
Being Observed
HDT -09:00

This time zone is observed by Hawaii as well as Alaska's Aleutian Islands. Note that the Aleutian Islands observe HST and HDT while Hawaii and Johnston Atoll only observe HST.

Hawaii Standard Time:
Sunday October 1st 9:18pm HST
Status: Time Zone: UTC/GMT Offset:
Not Being Observed HST -10:00
Year: HDT Begins: HDT Ends:
2025 Sunday March 9th Sunday November 2nd
2024 Sunday March 10th Sunday November 3rd
2023 Sunday March 12th Sunday November 5th
2022 Sunday March 13th Sunday November 6th
2021 Sunday March 14th Sunday November 7th
United States Time Zones Abbreviation(s) UTC/GMT Offset(s)
Alaska Time Zone AKST/AKDT -09:00/-08:00
Central Time Zone CST/CDT -06:00/-05:00
Eastern Time Zone EST/EDT -05:00/-04:00
Mountain Time Zone MST/MDT -07:00/-06:00
Pacific Time Zone PST/PDT -08:00/-07:00
Hawaii Time Zone Identifiers:
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