America/Scoresbysund Time Zone Identifier

America/Scoresbysund is a time zone identifier used in Greenland and is 1 of 4 identifiers used in the country. Coordinates are 70.48333 N and -21.96666 W.

Current Time:
Sunday May 19th 12:04pm
UTC/GMT Offset: Same as UTC
Observing Daylight Saving/Summer Time: Yes
Time Zone Abbreviation:+00
Latitude DMS:70°28'59.99"N
Longitude DMS:21°57'59.98"W
Continent Region:North America
UTM Easting:463,958.54
UTM Northing:7,820,060.88
UTM Zone:27W

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Below you will find the standard time to daylight saving/summer time transition dates. Note that past dates are shown even if daylight saving/summer time is no longer observed.

Year: EGST Begins: EGST Ends:
2026 Sunday March 29th at 12:00am Sunday October 25th at 1:00am
2025 Sunday March 30th at 12:00am Sunday October 26th at 1:00am
2024 Sunday March 31st at 12:00am Sunday October 27th at 1:00am
2023 Sunday March 26th at 12:00am Sunday October 29th at 1:00am
2022 Sunday March 27th at 12:00am Sunday October 30th at 1:00am
Greenland Time Zone Identifiers
America/Danmarkshavn (GMT) America/Godthab (WGST)
America/Scoresbysund (CGST/EGST)America/Thule (ADT)