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2 Hrs 26 Mins - Total Flight Time from Saint-Pierre to St George's

Plane takes off from Saint-Pierre, PM and lands in St George's, BM.

Current Time in Saint George's: Friday September 29th 11:08pm.

Estimated Arrival Time: If you were to fly from Saint George's now, your arrival time would be Saturday September 30th 1:34am (based on Saint George's time zone).

* Flight duration has been calculated using an average speed of 435 knots per hour. 15 minutes has been added due to takeoff and landing time. Note that this time varies based on runway traffic.

Other factors such as taxing and not being able to reach or maintain a speed of 435 knots per hour has not been taken into account.

Flight Time Summary

Your in air flight time starts at Saint-Pierre and ends at St George's.

Estimated arrival time: Saturday September 30th 1:34am (based on destination time zone).

You can see why your trip to Saint-Pierre takes 2 hrs 26 mins by taking a look at how far of a distance you would need to travel. You may do so by checking the flight distance between Saint-Pierre and St George's.

After seeing how far Saint-Pierre is from St George's by plane, you may also want to get information on route elevation from Saint-Pierre to St George's.

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