Distance Between Uruguay Cities

To calculate the distance between cities in Uruguay, click on a city from the list below. Uruguay (UY) is located in the continent of South America and shares borders with Argentina and Brazil. For distance calculations to cities in these countries, see cities near Uruguay.

Cities in Uruguay

Note: that the cities listed below are deemed major based on population. Due to there being many major cities in Uruguay, we have grouped the list by province and sorted by most populated.

City Province Population
Montevideo (Country Capital)Montevideo Department1,270,737
Paysandú 60000Paysandu73,249
Las PiedrasCanelones69,682
RiveraRivera Department64,631
Tacuarembó 45000Tacuarembó51,854
Melo 37000Cerro Largo51,023
San José de MayoSan José36,529
DuraznoDepartamento de Durazno33,926
Treinta Y Tres (TYT)Treinta y Tres25,653
Rocha 27000Rocha25,515
Fray BentosRio Negro23,279
Colonia Del SacramentoColonia21,714

Cities Near Uruguay

The list below shows the distance between the above cities in Uruguay and populated cities outside of Uruguay which are closest.

  • Mi = Miles
  • Km = Kilometers
  • = Flight distance
  • = Driving distance
  Uruguay to Argentina  
Colonia Del Sacramento to Quilmes48.1 Km (29.9 Mi) 508.7 Km (316.1 Mi)
Colonia Del Sacramento to La Plata52.3 Km (32.5 Mi) 543.3 Km (337.6 Mi)
  Uruguay to Brazil  
Melo 37000 to Jaguarão - RS77.2 Km (48 Mi) 92.7 Km (57.6 Mi)
Melo 37000 to Porto Alegre - RS381.9 Km (237.3 Mi) 480.2 Km (298.4 Mi)
Distance Between Uruguay and Neighboring Countries

The distance between cities in Uruguay and cities in neighboring countries; Argentina cities are nearest due to being 48.1 kilometers away.

To Country Distance From Uruguay
Argentina 48.1 Km (29.9 Mi)
Brazil 77.2 Km (48 Mi)