Distance Between Ukraine Cities

To calculate the distance between cities in Ukraine, click on a city from the list below. Ukraine (UA) is located in the continent of Europe and shares borders with Belarus, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia and Slovakia. For distance calculations to cities in these countries, see cities near Ukraine.

Cities in Ukraine

Note: that the cities listed below are deemed major based on population. Due to there being many major cities in Ukraine, we have grouped the list by province and sorted by most populated.

City Province Population
Kyiv (Country Capital)Kyiv city2,797,553
KharkivKharkiv Oblast1,430,885
DnepropetrovskDnipropetrovsk Oblast1,032,822
DonetskDonetsk Oblast1,024,700
OdessaOdessa Oblast1,001,558
ZaporizhiaZaporiz'ka oblast796,217
LvivLviv Oblast717,803
MykolaivMykolaivs'ka oblast510,840
LuhanskLuhans'ka oblast452,000
KhmelnytskyiKhmel'nyts'ka oblast398,346
Kytay-mistoSevastopol' city379,200
VinnytsiaVinnyts'ka oblast352,115
KhersonKhersons'ka oblast320,477
PoltavaPoltavs'ka oblast317,847
ChernihivChernihivs'ka oblast307,684
CherkasyCherkas'ka oblast297,568
SumySums'ka oblast294,456
ZhytomyrZhytomyrs'ka oblast282,192
RivneRivnens'ka oblast255,106
KirovohradKirovohrads'ka oblast249,454
ChernivtsiChernivets'ka oblast236,250
TernopilTernopil's'ka oblast235,676
LutskVolyns'ka oblast213,661
Ivano-FrankivskIvano-Frankivs'ka oblast204,200
Bila TserkvaKyivs'ka oblast199,163
UzhhorodZakarpats'ka oblast117,878

Cities Near Ukraine

The list below shows the distance between the above cities in Ukraine and populated cities outside of Ukraine which are closest.

  • Mi = Miles
  • Km = Kilometers
  • = Flight distance
  • = Driving distance
  Ukraine to Belarus  
Chernihiv to Dobruš100.7 Km (62.6 Mi) 123.9 Km (77 Mi)
Chernihiv to Khoyniki District103.6 Km (64.4 Mi) 140.4 Km (87.3 Mi)
  Ukraine to Hungary  
Berehove to Kisvárda41.2 Km (25.6 Mi) 53.5 Km (33.2 Mi)
Uzhhorod to Kisvárda47.3 Km (29.4 Mi) 50 Km (31.1 Mi)
Uzhhorod to Nyíregyháza85.5 Km (53.1 Mi) 93.1 Km (57.9 Mi)
  Ukraine to Moldova  
Rozdil'na to Slobozia31.4 Km (19.5 Mi) 51.3 Km (31.9 Mi)
Odessa to Slobozia81.1 Km (50.4 Mi) 101.2 Km (62.9 Mi)
Odessa to Tiraspol92.7 Km (57.6 Mi) 102.3 Km (63.6 Mi)
  Ukraine to Poland  
Chervonohrad to Tomaszow Lubelski57.3 Km (35.6 Mi) 87.5 Km (54.4 Mi)
Lviv to Tomaszow Lubelski79 Km (49.1 Mi) 95.3 Km (59.2 Mi)
Lviv to Rzeszow144.5 Km (89.8 Mi) 176.3 Km (109.6 Mi)
  Ukraine to Romania  
Nyzhni Petrivtsi to Rădăuți25.6 Km (15.9 Mi) 56.4 Km (35.1 Mi)
Chernivtsi to Rădăuți51.2 Km (31.8 Mi) 61.8 Km (38.4 Mi)
Chernivtsi to Suceava75.3 Km (46.8 Mi) 84.8 Km (52.7 Mi)
  Ukraine to Russia  
Vovchans'k to Shebekino14.5 Km (9 Mi) 16 Km (9.9 Mi)
Kharkiv to Shebekino66.3 Km (41.2 Mi) 107.5 Km (66.8 Mi)
Kharkiv to Belgorod71.8 Km (44.6 Mi) 81.4 Km (50.6 Mi)
  Ukraine to Slovakia  
Onokivtsi to 073 01 Sobrance16.1 Km (10 Mi) 25.4 Km (15.8 Mi)
Uzhhorod to 073 01 Sobrance16.3 Km (10.1 Mi) 18.9 Km (11.8 Mi)
Distance Between Ukraine and Neighboring Countries

The distance between cities in Ukraine and cities in neighboring countries; Russia cities are nearest due to being 14.5 kilometers away.

To Country Distance From Ukraine
Russia 14.5 Km (9 Mi)
Slovakia 16.1 Km (10 Mi)
Romania 25.6 Km (15.9 Mi)
Moldova 31.4 Km (19.5 Mi)
Hungary 41.2 Km (25.6 Mi)
Poland 57.3 Km (35.6 Mi)
Belarus 100.7 Km (62.6 Mi)
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