Distance Between Liechtenstein Cities

To calculate the distance between cities in Liechtenstein, click on a city from the list below. Liechtenstein (LI) is located in the continent of Europe and shares borders with Austria and Switzerland. For distance calculations to cities in these countries, see cities near Liechtenstein.

Cities in Liechtenstein

Note: that the cities listed below are deemed major based on population. While there may be more major cities, these are the most populated cities in Liechtenstein.

City Population
9494 Schaan5,748
9490 Vaduz (Country Capital)5,197
9495 Triesen4,701
9496 Balzers4,447
9493 Mauren3,626
9497 Triesenberg2,689
9491 Ruggell1,862
9487 Gamprin1,268
9498 Planken377

Cities Near Liechtenstein

The list below shows the distance between the above cities in Liechtenstein and populated cities outside of Liechtenstein which are closest.

  • Mi = Miles
  • Km = Kilometers
  • = Flight distance
  • = Driving distance
  Liechtenstein to Austria  
Schellenberg to Feldkirch4.3 Km (2.7 Mi) 6.9 Km (4.3 Mi)
Schellenberg to Rankweil8.5 Km (5.3 Mi) 11.8 Km (7.3 Mi)
  Liechtenstein to Switzerland  
9491 Ruggell to Sennwald2.7 Km (1.7 Mi) 4.2 Km (2.6 Mi)
9491 Ruggell to Saint Gallen23 Km (14.3 Mi) 55.3 Km (34.3 Mi)
Distance Between Liechtenstein and Neighboring Countries

The distance between cities in Liechtenstein and cities in neighboring countries; Switzerland cities are nearest due to being 2.7 kilometers away.

To Country Distance From Liechtenstein
Switzerland 2.7 Km (1.7 Mi)
Austria 4.3 Km (2.7 Mi)
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