Distance Between Albania Cities

To calculate the distance between cities in Albania, click on a city from the list below. Albania (AL) is located in the continent of Europe and shares borders with Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. For distance calculations to cities in these countries, see cities near Albania.

Cities in Albania

Note: that the cities listed below are deemed major based on population. While there may be more major cities, these are the most populated cities in Albania.

City Population
Tirana (Country Capital)374,801
Krujë District21,286
Lezhë District18,695

Cities Near Albania

The list below shows the distance between the above cities in Albania and populated cities outside of Albania which are closest.

  • Mi = Miles
  • Km = Kilometers
  • = Flight distance
  • = Driving distance
  Albania to Greece  
Korçë to Nestorio 520 5132.2 Km (20 Mi) 95.9 Km (59.6 Mi)
Korçë to Kastoria 521 0042.8 Km (26.6 Mi) 80.5 Km (50 Mi)
  Albania to Kosovo  
Zapod to Dragash8 Km (5 Mi) 41.6 Km (25.8 Mi)
Kukës to Dragash19 Km (11.8 Mi) 47.3 Km (29.4 Mi)
Kukës to Mamushë37.3 Km (23.2 Mi) 52.6 Km (32.7 Mi)
  Albania to Macedonia  
Shishtavec to Shipkovitsa26.6 Km (16.5 Mi) 218.2 Km (135.6 Mi)
Kukës to Shipkovitsa41 Km (25.5 Mi) 192.5 Km (119.6 Mi)
Kukës to Negotino44.3 Km (27.5 Mi) 199 Km (123.6 Mi)
  Albania to Montenegro  
Dajç to Ulcinj17.4 Km (10.8 Mi) 53.4 Km (33.2 Mi)
Shkodër to Ulcinj28.3 Km (17.6 Mi) 42.1 Km (26.1 Mi)
  Albania to Serbia  
Kukës to Novi Pazar118.6 Km (73.7 Mi) 232.9 Km (144.7 Mi)
Shkodër to Novi Pazar145.5 Km (90.4 Mi) 291.3 Km (181 Mi)
Shkodër to Bajina Bašta211.5 Km (131.4 Mi) 347.1 Km (215.7 Mi)
Distance Between Albania and Neighboring Countries

The distance between cities in Albania and cities in neighboring countries; Kosovo cities are nearest due to being 8 kilometers away.

To Country Distance From Albania
Kosovo 8 Km (5 Mi)
Montenegro 17.4 Km (10.8 Mi)
Macedonia 26.6 Km (16.5 Mi)
Greece 32.2 Km (20 Mi)
Serbia 118.6 Km (73.7 Mi)
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