Distance from Mwene-Ditu to Nearby Cities

The distance from Mwene-Ditu to the nearest city Gandajika is 107.8 kilometers or 67 miles away. 3 major cities are near Mwene-Ditu; Kabinda being the closest is 219 kilometers or 136 miles away.

Mwene-Ditu Summary:
  • Mi = Miles
  • Km = Kilometers
  • = Flight distance
  • = Driving distance
  • Population = Approximate figures
Mwene-Ditu Distances
Nearby Location(s): 5
Nearest Location: 62.3 Km (38.7 Mi)

Mwene-Ditu to Nearby Cities

The list below shows the distance between Mwene-Ditu and nearby cities in Democratic Republic of the Congo.

From Mwene-Ditu Population Distance
ENE to Gandajika154,42562.2 Km (38.7 Mi) 107.8 Km (67 Mi)
N to Mbuji-Mayi874,76199 Km (61.5 Mi) 130.5 Km (81.1 Mi)

Mwene-Ditu to Major Cities

The list below shows the distance from Mwene-Ditu to major cities in Kasai Oriental.

From Mwene-Ditu Population Distance
NE to Kabinda59,004149.9 Km (93.2 Mi) 219 Km (136 Mi)
NE to Lubao43,068311.3 Km (193.4 Mi) 409.6 Km (254.5 Mi)
N to Lodja68,244387.9 Km (241 Mi) 715.8 Km (444.8 Mi)