Distance from Kikwit to Nearby Cities

The distance from Kikwit to the nearest city Bulungu is 86.6 kilometers or 53.8 miles away. The nearest major city Inongo is 351.2 kilometers or 218.2 miles away.

Kikwit Summary:
  • Mi = Miles
  • Km = Kilometers
  • = Flight distance
  • = Driving distance
  • Population = Approximate figures
Kikwit Distances
Nearby Location(s): 9
Nearest Location: 59.5 Km (37 Mi)

Kikwit to Nearby Cities

The list below shows the distance between Kikwit and nearby cities in Democratic Republic of the Congo.

From Kikwit Population Distance
NNW to Bulungu48,34459.6 Km (37 Mi) 86.6 Km (53.8 Mi)
NE to Mangai37,188141.3 Km (87.8 Mi)
ENE to Ilebo107,093215.5 Km (133.9 Mi) 887.2 Km (551.3 Mi)
NW to Bandundu118,211247.8 Km (154 Mi) 391.4 Km (243.2 Mi)
SW to Kasongo-Lunda20,060270 Km (167.8 Mi) 572 Km (355.4 Mi)
SE to Tshikapa267,462270.1 Km (167.8 Mi) 348.1 Km (216.3 Mi)
NNW to Nioki40,695286.4 Km (178 Mi)
E to Luebo35,183294.1 Km (182.8 Mi) 668.9 Km (415.7 Mi)

Kikwit to Major Cities

The list below shows the distance from Kikwit to major cities in Bandundu.

From Kikwit Population Distance
N to Inongo40,113351.2 Km (218.2 Mi)