Distance from Cuamba to Nearby Cities

The distance from Cuamba to the nearest city Mutuali is 65 kilometers or 40.4 miles away.

Cuamba is also 204.5 kilometers or 127.1 miles from Mangochi in Malawi.

Cuamba Summary:
  • Mi = Miles
  • Km = Kilometers
  • = Flight distance
  • = Driving distance
  • Population = Approximate figures
Cuamba Distances
Nearby Location(s): 4
Nearest Location: 51 Km (31.7 Mi)

Cuamba to Nearby Cities

The list below shows the distance between Cuamba and nearby cities in Mozambique.

From Cuamba Population Distance
E to Mutuali30,52351.1 Km (31.7 Mi) 65 Km (40.4 Mi)
NW to Lichinga109,839216.8 Km (134.7 Mi) 338.5 Km (210.3 Mi)
E to Nampula388,526295.8 Km (183.8 Mi) 352.3 Km (218.9 Mi)

Cuamba to Major Cities in Bordering Countries

The list below shows the distance from Cuamba to Malawi.

From Cuamba Population Distance
WNW to Mangochi Malawi40,236140.9 Km (87.5 Mi) 204.5 Km (127.1 Mi)